Making Bvlgari meet Millennials on Instagram


Creative Director,
Design Director

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Caffeina for Bulgari


Bvlgari Bvlgari is a fun loving jewelry collection designed for the young costumer base and inspired by the Roman roots of the brand. A fusion of elegance, culture and modernity.

Create an outstanding marketing campaign to unveil the new collection and target the millennials especially on their favourite platform - Instagram.

Search phase

If you are familiar with Instagram you may have experienced the value of a good caption. The right caption can turn a good picture/video into a powerful source of likes and comments. It's hard to base this assumption on data but if you spend some time looking at Instagram captions you will see both influencers and users playing quite often the card of the quote.
This is important to consider as brands need to speak their target audience's language if they want to engage with them and connect on an emotional level.


The Bulgari woman writes her own rules, instead of limiting herself to following those dictated by her mother’s manners.
We took inspiration from the norms of elegance and with Bulgari we reinveted them for Instagram, shrugging off the classic code of conduct.

The Book of Bvlgari etiquette

The main video was used as amaster to create a multitude of short clips and content that Bvlgari shared on their social media.

3D design and production: TaxFree
The production included product videos and stills.
Do not follow the rules.
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