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Mutado for Avio

If you are a designer...

If you are a digital product designer, it's very common not to be fully satisfied when you look back at some works you did in the past from a design perspective. This happens for many reasons - your design skills have improved, trends have changed, networking connections and hardware devices have evolved, etc...
Well, this is not the case for this iPad app I designed in 2012.
Of course if I had to design it today the output would be completely different, but considering what was the industry level at that time, I'm more than proud of what the team achieved here. We faced so many hard challenges in a short amount of time, that my skills improved exponentially helping me to deal with many other projects in these years.

Avio is an Italian company operating in the aerospace sector with its head office in Rivalta di Torino, Turin, Italy. Wikipedia

Information Architecture

Avio iSpace

The home screen welcomed the User with an interactive 3D Earth from space. The main menu consisted of 3 icons/satellites orbiting around the planet. By rotating and tapping on the satellites you could access the inner areas.

Experience Vega 🚀

Vega is the ESA satellite launcher made by Avio.
In the first area - "Experience Vega" - Users could experience an edugame simulating the launch into orbit of scientific research satellites. The game was designed as a 2 minutes video sequence divided into 4 interactive missions.

Space Journal

With a UX inspired by Apple Time Machine, the “Space Journal” was the area were Users could navigate through the most epic milestones and updates on the missions from Avio.

Astronaut Booth

Astronaut Booth was a precursor of MSQRD and many other face tracking apps that are super popular today.
In this area, built with one of the first face recognition engines ever made, Users could take fun space snapshots and share them on their social media.

About Avio

The last area, accessible by tapping on the Avio logo on top, contained an interactive magazine experience where to deepen the knowledge of the company and its space projects.

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