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The logistic industry is facing a critical shortage of truck drivers. While the old truckers are retiring, millennials are not filling the gap and autonoumous self-driving vehicles are not available yet. In addition to this, today drivers still have to perform manual and time-consuming procedures, that if not done right, could turn an ordinary trip into a dangerous situation.

Truck driver shortage trend

Source: FTR Transportation Intelligence; data compiled by Bloomberg

As a truck driver

I want to be able to inspect my vehicle as quickly and accurately as possible, so that I can identify potential risks before starting my trip and share them with my fleet manager and drivers.

User journey map

The daily routine of a truck driver should start with the pre-trip inspection. This procedure involves both the tractor and the trailer and it can require >30 minutes even for a senior driver to perform it correctly. The whole experience can be shortened by keeping track of previous inspections, using big data to prevent potential risks and providing assistance in case of issues to avoid time consuming communications between drivers and fleet managers.

Search phase

Drivers and Fleet managers interviews highlighted several pain points in the experience. The main one is the pre-trip inspection that can be a painful procedure for junior drivers who often ask for help to manage issues. But the fleet manager is a 9-5 job while drivers can be on the road 24/7. This turns into frustration both for truckers, who may need to wait for assistance, and for fleet managers who are basically non-stop working.

Main other focus points are:

Information Architecture

MAN Driver App

Available for Android and iOS devices

Add vehicle


Report a damage

Drivers can report a damage by tapping on the corresponding graphical part in the truck-trailer 3D wireframe. This approach continues in the inner flow and ends up with a defined list of potential issues for the selected part to choose from. By doing this, every additional information the User adds to the damage - photos or comments - are linked to the specific node of the parts tree.

Quick Manual

With Quick Manual drivers can figure out the meaning of a button or a dashboard  light inside the truck by just pointing their cameras.

The TensorFlow model is trained to recognize the dashboard / buttons scenarios so that the user can switch between the two without tapping.


Mobile24 is the 24/7 roadside assistance service. Drivers can call the service in case of a breakdown and receive notifications on the technician arrival.

Driver performance

Error states

In their journey truck drivers often experience poor connectivity. For this reason the whole app was designed to work in Edge connection and offline mode, providing clear feedback to the User when actions are paused because of the connection.

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