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Armani 2017 Frames of Life campaign tells the story of Emma and Tristan, who accidentally start a conversation after the woman mistakenly send a voice message to the man. Despite their different personalities they develop a strong relationship, without ever meeting.

Create an outstanding digital marketing campaign to support the new Frames of Life collection.

The chat UI on top of the video was not implemented in the first campaign draft. It was introduced together with our campaign.

The problem

It's such an amazing experience to work for clients like Armani that truly understand the power of storytelling and put it at the very heart of their campaigns. On the other hand, when it comes to a new full collection, a video is not enough to make Users empathize with all the products and help them discover their favourite. Many fashion houses still directly jump from a social media content to their e-commerce, where the storytelling is left out in favour of a more standard product page. How can we improve the discover phase, sustaining the story without trading off between its meaning and the collection?


Cutting the main movie into shorter clips was something we did not want to do, not to loose the powerful message of the campaign. While searching for the best online platform and medium tool, we came across one insight that was directly connecting to the campaign story.
In 2017 the most downloaded non-games apps worldwide were exactly messaging apps.
Messaging is definitely the most popular everyday mobile experience and indeed a great way to sustain the product discover phase while keeping Users connected to the story.

Top Non-Game apps by Downloads Worldwide 2017

Source SensorTower

Armani's messenger 💬

The digital platform reproduced a messaging app experience both on desktop and mobile devices. The video campaign, that originally was filmed as an interaction between Emma and Tristan, turned into a group chat where the User joined the two characters.

The experience opened with Emma's first message.

First-hand experience

As member of the group chat you received frames of the whole story as text messages and media.
Like in a traditional messaging app experience you were in the driver seat to decide whether to watch the media or wait few seconds (or scroll) to continue the conversation.

After the first message, every media was cut to show a specific product of the collection.

Type a message

During the conversation you could always participate by tapping on "type a message". The call to action linked to an area where to interact with Emma and ask her additional information about the women/men's collections and the campaign movie.

Every product had a buy now call to action to directly jump to Armani's e-commerce.
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